About Us

FILMA LTD. was established in 1980, with the initial aim of producing documentaries, news documentaries and special news programs for the TRT (Public Broadcaster) which then was the only TV station in Turkey.  Following that, with the increasing programming requirements of TRT and new private TV stations, FILMA LTD.  has also started TV program distribution.Turkish viewers were enchanted by their first taste of soap opera in the early 1980’s with FILMA LTD.’s distribution of the telenovela produced by Brazil’s GLOBO, the immensely popular “Isuara, the Slave”.  FILMA LTD. also has a well-established reputation as a distributor of animation programs, especially Japanese animation series such as Candy Candy and Georgie as well as adventure-actions like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Voltron and Digimon which has been followed by adults as much as children.

With the growing character licensing market in Turkey, FILMA LTD. has also initiated the licensing activities of some characters that it had already placed on TV.  The cooperation with Italian producer Rainbow,  has especially exploded with Winx Club, the animation series which has proved its success with high ratings on TV and with more than 20 licensees already in various categories.  FILMA LTD. has the advantage of having both TV and licensing rights of the Character with the opportunity of placement of the brand on the right TV channel and aims to create more synergy in the licensing business with new brands and partners.

FILMA LTD. also represents BBC Worldwide TV catalog in Turkey and has furnished TV channels with programs from this huge producer and broadcaster from documentaries to children programs.  The worldwide phenomenon children programs, Teletubbies and Tweenies have met Turkish children through this strong relationship while adults have been captivated by the technology used in creating the prehistoric times in Walking With Dinosours and later Walking With Beasts.  In recent years, Turkish audience has tuned in to BBC docu-dramas like Genghis Khan and Hannibal which has a production quality and budget like that of theatrical films.

With the growing potential of video market in Turkey, FILMA LTD. has also started to cooperate with video distribution companies for distribution of especially animation titles from its vast archieve. At the moment DVD/VCD of Winx Club are on the market  and this title will be followed by upcoming popular titles as well as some classics.

FILMA LTD. also has a library of independent film titles among which there is Before The Rain by Milcho Manchevski with 5 Golden Bears at 1994 Venice Film Festival and a nomination of Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.  Before The Rain has been released in DVD format in Turkey for the first time in the world.
Some notable Filma LTD. distribution titles follows:
White Bird In A Blizzard
Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas
How I Live Now
Jeune et Jolie (Young and Beautiful)
Hunt (Jagten)
2 Days In New York
Petit Nicolas
Gladiators of Rome
Winx Club: Mystery of the Abys
We Need To Talk About Kevin
Where Do We Go Now
This Must Be The Place

We Need To Talk About Kevin



The Boy and the Beast



On The Milky Road

Orman Çetesi (Les As de la Jungle)

The History of Love


Rebel In The Rye

Capt’n Sharky