Leon’s big passion of spying on Anna…


Genre: Drama

Director: Jerzy Skolimowski

Cast: Artur Steranko, Kinga Preis

Distribution: Wild Bunch


A small town in Poland. Leon Okrasa, 40, works in the hospital crematory. In the past, he witnessed – perhaps committed – the brutal rape of Anna, now 30 and working as a nurse at the same hospital. They live near one another, she in a neighbouring hostel for for workers, he in a run-down cottage close by. Leon spies on Anna. But he wants more. His obsession grows. He stats to steal into her room., night after night, just to watch her asleep in the moonlight. Little by little, secretly, he begins to play a part in her life – sewing on a missing button, mending her clock, replacing spoiled food in her fridge… mixing powdered sleeping pills into her sugar. Leon is on the point of losing control. What is he planning? Another attack? A former convict, he is tormented by memories of trial and incarceration. Anna has started to notice strange things happening around her, but believes she’s imagining them. Then Leon is arrested sneaking into Anna’s room through the window. A new trial begins, during which he proves his deep feelings for Anna. Perhaps it’s true love after all.