A class reunion like no other

Director: Anna Odell
Cast: Anna Odell, Anders Berg berg
Year: 2013

Renowned Swedish artist Anna Odell invites us to a grim class reunion–one that she is not invited. So Odell, playing herself, stages and films a mock reunion, confronting actors who play her classmates–her childhood bullies–as if the reunion had taken place. But then, she visits her real classmates to show them the film and get their reaction. From then on, things go wryly wrong. This film stretches the border between fiction and reality, while questioning group dynamics and established hierarchies. “I think that our experiences from school affect us enormously and that we are shaped by and influence each other throughout life. This also means that we can change and recover from bad experiences by coming into new contexts where we are able to take part. I have wanted to work with the subject of bullying for many years. Throughout elementary school I was bullied and so I wanted to use my experiences in some way to, among other things, research the relationships within a group following changes in the hierarchy.” –Anna Odell