The PJ Masks is a show about heroism. Super-heroism. Only our superheroes are seven year old kids!

Maybe you’re thinking that there’s no way you could have missed seven year old superheroes swooping around the city, putting things right. After all, it’s bright as day out there – it’d catch your eye! Well, maybe… Unless you had your eyes closed… And it wasn’t so bright outside… Like, perhaps… at night! Which is exactly when our heroes swoop into action!

Every superhero needs a costume – but our heroes’ costumes are also their pyjamas! And once the sun goes down, and the city is wreathed in darkness, they slip into their PJs, activate their PJ Masks wristbands, and their superhero work begins – it’s time for a moonlit adventure…

And that adventure plays out in a thrilling night time world – one in which the ordinary restrictions of daytime reality do not quite apply. For kids watching, night is the time of dreams – and it is a dream-like realm of wonder and a rich, exciting palette of fantasy that our night time landscape provides. It’s a world our audience knows – but in which endless possibilities are now unlocked – and the PJ Masks can pursue fabulous and unlimited adventures.

Sending our heroes on these adventures means that the PJ Masks is about empowerment. Inexperienced and still developing their physical skills, our young audience often wish they were more powerful. So seeing that the strong, assertive, superhero characters in PJ Masks are children just like them will give them the confidence to believe in themselves. Our audience loves the excitement of dramatic stories with high stakes – but those stories come with laughs too. Whether the PJ Masks are battling book-stealing robots, armies of mini-ninjas, bouncing moon-like globes or dastardly train-stealing geniuses, our audience will be on the edge of their seats – and laughing along!

But it’s not just adventure the PJ Masks are after. No, they’re on a mission to make things right for everyone in the daytime world! Their class-mates don’t realise how much their own easy lives of fun and normality depend on what these mild-mannered, unassuming kids get up to once they’re in their pyjamas. Out there in the night time world are all manner of baddies (who are all kids too, of course!), up to no good, and determined to spoil the fun of the daytime folks… But they haven’t got a chance – as long as the PJ Masks are here to (literally!) save the day!

“PJ Masks, all shout hooray! ‘Cos in the night, we saved the day!”http://pjmasks.com/grown-ups