One hot summer’s day, Nate, an average young boy, spots a weird machine in the woods. Out comes a big-mouthed Yo-kai named Whisper who hands him a Yo-kai Watch. Yo-kai are invisible beings that cause mischief and trouble. By switching the magical watch on, Nate can discover the Yo-kai all around him that were once invisible. When you have a family quarrel, when you suffer a bad cold, when you feel like saying “no” to everything, when you lose self-confidence… that may all be because of a mischievous Yo-kai in your presence! Nate starts fixing problems around him by trying to persuade the Yo-kai to stop being a nuisance and to become friends with him instead. After befriending each Yo-kai, they present Nate with a special Yo-kai medal as a token of their friendship. In challenging situations, by inserting these medals into his Yo-kai Watch, Nate can call on friendly Yo-kai to help him out. The more friendly spirits Nate has on his side, the easier his job becomes and the more smiles he will see in his family, at school and in town!

Yo-kais are just mischievous entities that are the cause of our daily annoyances…And there are more than 200 to be friend with!!!!

Yo-kai Watch targets boys aged 6-11. The show contains “imagination & discovery”, “friendship and collectability”, ”unique Yo-kai personalities” and “humor& wack adventures”themes in it.. There are 78 episodes x 26 minutes available.

Yo-kai Watch is broadcasted in Tokyo since January 2014. Yo-kai Watch has received  huge success first in Japan and then US. And now Yo-kai Watch is ready to meet its fans in Turkey. The show is on Cartoon Network since 4th of April 2016 in Turkey. The toys will be launched by Hasbro in August 2016.

www.yo-kai-world.com. A portal that will bring access to all the media of the property very soon. Wide range of mobile games & applications will be available.